STRIBORG: “Ghostwoodlands” reissue coming soon

  Rude Awakening Records is proud to announce its fifth release, in collaboration with Satanath Records and The End of Time Records . Available from 25th October 2021, “ Ghostwoodlands ” by the prolific Australian one man band STRIBORG will see the light again, after being originally by Displeased Records in 2007. This reissue will be available as a limited edition of 500 CD copies worldwide. This reissue will keep the original 2007 tracklist, while having a brand new cover artwork by the artist Mary Kankava (hellcatfairyart) and a remaster by Black Dwell Records studios of Roman Sapozhnikov. Tracklist as follows: 1. Bete Noirs 2. Wandering the Wilderness of Eternal Misery 3. Light Anomalies in the Phantom Woods 4. With Animosity I Bequeath Thee 5. Sinister Scraping of the Spectres 6. Ghostwoodlands 7. Descending into Utter Despair Striborg project originally began in 1993 under the name Kathaaria. 
1997 saw the name change to Striborg in which the direction shifted slightly to i

Permanent offer: buy two CDs, pay one!

  Now launching a permanent offer! From now on, we're offering our first two releases both for only 10€ + shipping!   Don't recall them? Listen here:   Disphere - Abscience: (Technical Death/Grindcore)   Furious Barking/Desmodus - Italian Thrash Relics Vol. I: (old school Thrash Metal)     Only directly by us, DM on Facebook or write at .

Heruka: last preview from “No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows”

Only one week left before the release date of “No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows”, second full length by Italian blacksters Heruka out on Rude Awakening Records . The band unveils the third and last single from the album, “The Eleventh Rule”: all the tracks are linked by a whole concept in music and lyrics, a tormented voyage inside the deepest shades of madness and individual isolation, through the perspective of the affected ones. Ten songs defining the “Oniric Black Metal” style of the band and its long evolution: from the beginning in 2000 in Sicily as a studio project, nowadays in Rome active with a full line-up. This track is released just before the official street date, June 15th, both for physical and digital format. The phyisical CD release will be limited to 300 digipack copies worlwide through official distribution in Europe and U.S.A, and of course by direct channels of label and band. The digital release will be available on all the main streami

Heruka: second lyric video from “No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows”

The release date for “No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows” by Italian blacksters Heruka is getting closer: officially out on Rude Awakening Records, it will be their second full length officially available from June 15th 2020, limited to 300 copies worldwide. After unveiling the titletrack some days ago, their latest lyric video is out now: the chosen track is “Let No One Be Saved”, last song on the tracklist summing up the whole album concept about mental illness through the eyes of the insane. The video features a montage of scenes taken from the Japanese movie “A Page of Madness" (1926 - directed by Teinosuke Kinugasa). Starting from the past, a link to the present times in the depiction of human alienation through madness.  A close correlation between music and concept, coming in the “Oniric Black Metal” band formula fully unleashed in ten new tracks. “No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows” comes also to celebrate the 20th anniversary of band’s existence, since its first

Heruka: cover, tracklist and lyric video from the next album

June 15th will be the release date for “No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows”, second full length by Italian blacksters Heruka . Two years have passed from the release of their debut “Deception’s End” and one year from the “Turning to Dust” EP, now the band is ready to strike back with ten new tracks of their inspired “Oniric Black Metal” songwriting. The lyrical concept behind this album will explore the deepest and unknown sides of mental illnesses, through the eyes of the afflicted individuals. This release will be published by the Italian label Rude Awakening Records , limited to 300 copies worldwide in digipack format. Complete tracklist: 1. Time Collapse 2. No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows 3. Walking Dead Syndrome 4. The Eleventh Rule 5. White Coats Don’t Understand 6. Unreal Consciousness (instrumental) 7. The United States of Insanity 8. Two Heads, One Brain 9. Twisted Into Form 10. Let No One Be Saved You can listen to the the titletrack and its lyric video at

Hypnotica Factory - "Rome Tapes - Vol. I" disponibile in streaming!

Rude Awakening Records è orgogliosa di annunciare una nuova uscita! Da domani sarà disponibile “Rome Tapes – Vol. I”, prima di una serie di release digitali dedicate interamente alle band underground. I pionieri di questa serie sono gli Hypnotica Factory di Pomezia, con un EP di sei tracce registrato dal vivo durante la loro ultima esibizione al Villaggio Cultura - Pentatonic di Roma. La serie “Rome Tapes” vuole essere innanzit utto un omaggio al palco, la dimensione naturale delle band ed una vetrina per i gruppi in cerca di affermazione, in omaggio al “bootleg”, una registrazione in presa diretta e senza filtro che cattura l’immagine del gruppo. In anteprima sui canali YouTube e Soundcloud dell’etichetta è già disponibile il pezzo “How Long”, presto disponibile in streaming e download l’uscita completa su tutti i provider principali! Chi sono gli HYPNOTICA FACTORY : Nascono nel novembre del 2016 a Pomezia, in provincia di Roma, con Angelo e Marilina, già in

"FRIEND SITES" section online again!

"FRIEND SITES" section online again! At the link below, you can find some of the sites we've worked with, directly or indirectly. Bands, labels, webzines and so on... anyone interested in banner exchange can drop a mail at, as usual! Support the underground!